Photographers Can Now Get A Tiny Filing Cabinet For SD Cards

Looking for a convenient way to organize your SD cards? This tiny SD card filing cabinet will help you store and organize your memory cards in the cutest way possible. It’s a digital world we’re living in where everyone spins to the tune of electronic devices, software and technology. Needless to say, we’re now in an era where mobile devices and portable media storage have become necessities. Most mobile devices such as smartphones, digital cameras, tablets and even drones are using SD cards to store data.

Since SD cards are the standard data storage for most portable electronic devices, you can just imagine how many of these cards a photographer, a vlogger or a drone pilot needs to store a vast amount of data. Furthermore, these memory cards are small to make it compact and more portable. But their small size also makes them more difficult to organize and store. Most of the time, we mix them up in a pile and have to check them one by one to tell which is which. And it’s somewhat impossible to find them again once we misplaced them. Good thing is that, there’s a tiny DS card filing cabinet to solve this problem.


Tiny SD Card Filing Cabinet

tiny sd card filing cabinet

We’ve found this tiny filing cabinet on Etsy. This 3D printed organizer is made of plastic featuring 3 drawers to keep your memory cards safe and organized. Each drawer can store up to 12 SD cards in their own individual slot. For a more organized storage, simply place a label on each drawer so you know where to place and access corresponding cards. You can choose from a wide range of color options.

tiny sd card filing cabinet 3d printed


3d printed memory card organizer

Now, many of you are using micro SD cards as well. The micro version is an ultra-small card measuring just a quarter of the side of SD card. If you’re using these smaller memory cards then this customizable tiny filing cabinet is for you. This Etsy shop allows you to choose your preferred slots for the 3 drawers. You can opt for 3 SD or micro SD, 1 SD and 2 micro SD, or 2 SD and 1 micro SD. Just like the first option, this 3D printed organizer is made of PLA plastic available in different colors.

customizable tiny sd card filing cabinet


micro sd organizer


3d printed micro sd organizer


customizable mini cards organizer


customizable tiny sd card filing cabinet black

Get the SD card organizer here and the customizable version here.

3d printed memory card organizer plastic

Source: Etsy | SD | Micro and SD