Good Dads Who Went Above And Beyond For Their Kid’s Requests (18 Pics)

Ask any kid and they will tell you that their dads are the definition of a superhero. They may not fly like Superman or swing from building to building like Spider-Man, but they can provide something that even the mightiest superhero can’t give. Nothing can beat a father’s unconditional love for his children. And this love can turn these ordinary men into perfect heroes for their kids.

True enough, parents will do anything and go to any lengths just to make their daughters and sons happy. If their kids ask for it, they can instantly become a fashion designer, a woodworker or an artist. They also won’t mind looking silly in front of other people just to bring smiles to their kids’ faces.


Dads Who Granted Their Kids’ Requests And Nailed It


“My daughter asked for a toilet for her dollhouse. It was really fun to make it.”

creative dads toilet for dolls

We’ve compiled some of the times when dads proved they will do anything for the sake of their kids. And all we can say is, they really nailed it like a pro. It seems that nothing is impossible for these loving fathers. Don’t forget to share this post if you love your dad.


“My daughter asked me to put glass shoes on her dragon. Here’s the result.”

creative dads glass shoes for stuffed dragon


“When your son ask if he can use his slide into his pool on Father’s Day you make it happen..”

creative father creates slide for pool


“I know basically nothing about woodworking, but my son asked me to make a stand for his Harry Potter wand. I’m quite happy with how it turned out!”

creative dads wizard wand stand


“My girlfriends daughter asked for a wooden sword. I got a bit carried away. Oak 1x3s with cherry and walnut fittings. Handles are wrapped in leather.”

creative father creates wooden swords


“My son asked me to draw Paper Mario and Bobby. I think I nailed it.”

creative father draws super mario and bobby


“My 6-year-old daughter asked for a canoe last night, expecting a ‘no,’ I picked this up to make her happy this morning.”

daughter asked for canoe wish granted


“My 6-year-old son asked me if I could touch the clouds when I’m at work. So I showed him this.”

son asks pilot father to touch the clouds


From cooking to art and even creating swords, these parents have tried it all!


“My son asked for an octopus pancake, and I may have accidentally summoned some sort of Eldritch horror instead.”

creative dads octopus pancake


“Son asked me to dress up as a chili pepper for a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert back in 2017, so naturally I did.”

creative dads red chili pepper costume


“My daughter asked me to paint her unicorn ‘like in the old book.'”

daughter asked father to paint unicorn figurine


“My daughter asked for a “bug box” and we had some old teak chairs in bad condition. So I salvaged the wood and turned it into this, while also doing leather working for the first time to make the handle. It’s not perfect but I’m proud of it and she’s a happy customer.”

father makes bug box for daughter


“When your kid asks for his first guitar to be black with red flames…”

creative dads guitar red flame design


“I think I should have made a bigger ear, and skipped the claw marks, but my daughter asked if I could make a lion’s claw, so here we are”

father bakes bread with lion claw


“My depression, lake of motivation, has kept me out of my shop for over 5 months. That changed this weekend when my daughter asked for a nightstand.”

creative dads builds night stand for daughter


“My daughter started to sell makeup. She asked me to make a sign for her. I took her logo and turned it into a g-code file for my cnc. Then I tried the airbrush out that I’ve had for 5 years for the first time. Took awhile but turned out pretty decent.”

father designs makeup sign for daughter


“Scored big “daddy points” with my daughter 3rd birthday present. Her very own princess castle bed.”

creative dads princess castle bed


“my son’s rocket bed in addition to my daughter’s princess castle.”

creative father builds rocket bed


“Daughter asked for one of those fancy unicorn cakes from the bakery. Nailed it ?”

funny dads makes unicorn cake