‘Jack Of The Dust’ Have Created These Incredible ‘Bonsai Skulls’

If you’re looking for some decorative items that are as spooky as they are stunning, you need to check out these incredible ‘Bonsai Skulls’. These gorgeous (faux) moss-covered skulls are sprouting trees and blossoms, and are perfect for anyone who loves nature, but also has a morbid side. Each one of these eerily beautiful skulls is created by Andrew Firth, who sells them under the moniker ‘Jack of the Dust’.

Firth sells a range of different kinds of decorative skulls, masks and more, but it’s these bonsai skulls that seem to have captured the imaginations of the masses. You can order one from Firth’s website starting at $299 (AUD), but they’ve been so popular that they were sold out at the time of writing. However, if you keep an eye out, you might get lucky!

Website: Jack of the Dust