Freezer Hacks That Will Get You The Most Out of Your Fridge

We have compiled a list of useful freezer hacks and tips you can start using today. You may not know it but improper use of freezer and incorrect storage of foods can waste much electricity. Furthermore, disorderly storage of food can make unnecessary food wastage. But don’t you worry anymore. We’re here to help you save your money by cutting down electricity usage and reducing food wastage. Here are some useful freezer hacks that will change the way you use your fridge.


To organize cluttered foods, make your own storage cubes to set them apart. Label the cubes to identify each expiry date.

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Instead of using jars, put leftover sauces in freezer bags and lay each flatly on top of another. Freezer bags don’t accumulate as much space as jars. Additionally, the airtight seal can guarantee freshness of the leftovers.

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You can freeze rice by wrapping it while it’s still hot. This will prevent the rice from dying out by trapping the moisture within. Frozen rice can come in handy for bento-style lunches.

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Don’t throw away those leftover wine just yet. You can still use it for future cooking purposes. Pour any leftover wine in ice cube trays and freeze them to become wine cubes.


Never leave your freezer empty. Pack as much foods as it can accumulate because empty space is wasted space. Plus, full-packed fridge traps cold air inside by not allowing it to escape when you open the freezer.

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When frozen, eggs can retain freshness for up to a year. So don’t hesitate to bulk-buy when eggs go on sale. Beat whole eggs and pour in ice cube trays to portion. Freeze it as it is.

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Clever tips for your freezer


Store your leftovers in a container and let it stay in the freezer. This is good for grab-and-go-lunches.

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Picking up a certain frozen food in a full-packed freezer can be troublesome. To solve this problem, put each item in a fabric grocery bag so you can easily lift them out the freezer.

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Leftover waffles can be frozen to be used as bread for your breakfast sandwich.

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Prolong cheese shelf life for up to six months by putting them in the freezer.

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Leftover herbs can be given fresh life. Chop them up and freeze them in ice cube trays with olive oil.

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Optimize the space of your fridge by adding magnets at the bottom of small containers. Stick them on the walls inside the fridge.

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We usually thaw frozen foods by leaving them at room temperatures and wait for it to defrost. But little did we know that bacteria can grow on the food if left this way. Submerging frozen foods in cold water will thaw them quicker. Furthermore, it prevents bacteria from growing.


Use binder clips to hang foods inside your fridge.

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Create instant freezer shelves with magazine racks.

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