40 People Who’ve Failed At Life Way Worse Than You Have

Unless you’re some kind of superhuman being, you’ve probably messed up in life more times than you can count. Sometimes these might be big screw-ups that have a huge impact on your life and future, but other times they’re just trivial things, like tripping down the stairs or dropping your ice cream on the floor. But, don’t worry, because we all do it, and that’s why looking at other people’s fails can help to cheer us up at least a little bit! From the dude who managed to set fire to their drier all the way to the person who crashed their car in an empty parking lot, these guys have failed at life way worse than you have. Check it out! 

So, there’s this thing called the sun, and it will burn your skin if you do not protect yourselves! 

When you try to free your basketball and end up losing your water bottle as well… 

Crashing your car is never fun. But, crashing your car in an empty parking lot is just the worst. 

At least he seems to have embraced and nailed his role! Lots of kids (and their parents) would kick up a fuss at this. 

Santa is meant to come down the chimney, not through the ceiling, right?!

When you drop your sandwich in the bath and have to bathe in the nasty, soggy crumbs… 

If you thought you were having a bad day, at least you can be thankful that you aren’t the people involved in these images. Of course, some of these incidents will be down to plain and simple human error and stupidity but we certainly wouldn’t judge these people if they claimed to have bad luck! 

We are very happy in this moment that we are not this girl! 

Dropping one friend in the river is bad, but two? That’s hilarious! 

Jenga favors no one. Mess with it and you will lose! 

Hopefully this was stopped before a ton of water was wasted! 

Seriously guys, it’s not worth it. Luckily this person escaped with their life. 

When building IKEA furniture destroys your soul…

These images have reminded us to always look on the bright side of life . The phrase ‘it could always be worse’ rings true for so many of these situations.

Well, someone’s going to have a lifetime ban at the laundromat… 

These photos also inspire us to be careful when we complain about having a bad day as you never know what fate could have in store for you!

The moment you realize you’re too big and heavy for kid swings. 

Someone grab the wipes! Or, maybe another chip… 

You never really know what you’re going to get when it comes to online shopping

To add to the annoyance of this situation, the eggs looked basically ready. Such a waste! 

Ah well, nothing really lost here! 

Not only have these images reminded us to be grateful, but they have also reminded us to be careful.

We’re afraid to say that first impressions mean a lot in the world of employment so this is a disaster really! 

Although we aren’t always in control of the things that happen to us, there’s no denying that sometimes the only person we can blame is ourselves so it wouldn’t hurt to be a little more cautious throughout our day to day lives!

Well, at least they can feel unique that their engagement photo isn’t your typical one! 

We feel sorry for the poor people that had to tidy this mess up… 

This had doomed written all over it from the beginning! 

He must know, surely? Maybe the dog likes it?! But yes, you should always point it out if you think an animal is suffering and their owner is unaware! 

You don’t mess with Grandma, no matter what species you are. 

We’re happy to admit that we’re very pleased not to be involved with any of these photos. However, a picture tells a thousand words and these ones have captured some rather unique memories. 

When you’re well and truly caught out creeping on someone… 

We’re sure that some of the people in these images would rather forget that the incidents ever happened, but we’re sure their friends and family like having a good laugh at them!

There was probably more chance of this happening that not happening… 

Sometimes bad luck just follows you around…

Messing up like this in front of kids can be super hard to live down!

The cake shop really should have anticipated this! 

This person probably couldn’t have accomplished this if they had tried. But, of course, it happens when they didn’t want it to! 

We find it pretty ironic that these images are full of unfortunate occurrences and disasters yet they’ve actually dramatically improved our day! We don’t often like to seek pleasure and find amusement in the misfortune of our fellow humans but sometimes it really can’t be helped! 

It looks like it was a really good sauce as well… 

We can’t tell if the janitor responsible for this is hilarious or not so bright… 

If only there were more images relating to this… 

It does look like chocolate, but surely it would have smelt of soap?! 

Looks like it was going to have to be take out instead! 

It’s no wonder so many people don’t want to jinx themselves by trying to be positive! 

All jokes aside, we do hope that the people involved in these images didn’t have any lasting physical or mental injury.  

We’d like to know at what point did sticking her head in the gap seem like a good idea? 

We are approaching the end of our selection now but there’s still some hilarious images to be seen so keep on scrolling!

If it’s clean then why not?! We think grandma is onto something great here! 

We’ve all done this to be fair! 

A sad sight indeed. We wonder whether the TV survived? 


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