Unexpected Uses For Everyday Items That Are Totally Genius

The things we use on a daily basis can often be multi-purpose without us even knowing. Sometimes ordinary things can have many uses if you just get a little creative! Here we have some unexpected uses for everyday items that are pretty genius. We love the bread bin charging station and the up-cycled guitar shelves! Take a look, there could be something on this list that you can benefit from!

Unexpected Uses For Everyday Items

If you’re feeling crafty and have some old belts lying around, you could create a unique chair!

To keep your devices organised, you could modify a bread bin to create an awesome charging station! 

We love this photography themed lamp! You can see how it was made here

A cereal holder works great as a car bin.

If you’ve got a broken or unused guitar that you want to hold on to, you could transform it into shelving! 

For a cool drink that lasts, fill half of your bottle with water and freeze it lying on its side. 

Kinder egg plastic containers are great for storing headphones! 

If you struggle with toenail fungus and/or athlete’s foot, mouthwash could help! 

To make an adorable mug cosy, simply cut up a sock! 

Soda can tabs work great for hanging things! 

It’s so simple to create your own sprinkler system. The steps can be found here

Keep your threads neat and organised by housing them in a shoe box! 

Tic Tac containers are perfect for holding ribbon! 

Tongs work really well for juicing lemons and limes!