Crazy Mysteries That Are Unlikely To Ever Be Solved

If you’re a mystery-lover, then you’re in the right place. We’re about to give you some crazy mysteries that even Sherlock Holmes cannot deduce. Mysteries aren’t always about gruesome murders or terrifying thrillers. There are mysteries that are so hilariously weird that logic cannot even explain. These crazy mysteries are as interesting as the thriller mysteries you often see. And they are also as complex as their austere counterparts. So put on your deerstalker and try to decipher these hilarious mysteries.



I absolutely agree that this basketball scene is like the famous fresco painting by Michelangelo. But we certainly get why the man in green is so frustrated at the player who is about to knock his team off the playoffs.


How the red bus turned on the other lane is the question we would love to have an answer.

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Crawlers are naturally icky creatures but when they take the form of humans, their creepiness multiplies ten-folds.

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It’s either this dog can jump really high or it can absolutely fly.

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Motivation is like a thin fragile glass, it can easily be built as it can also be easily shattered by the smallest disruption.

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This palm tree hasn’t been able to see the sun for so many years. Thanks to this lamp post, this tree was able to see the sun finally.

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When you want someone to watch your back while giving the person behind you the creeps.

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Hilarious things that will remain a mystery forever



So your car got a headlight and an aquarium in one. Nice but not quite because we can’t make something good out of it.

aquarium headlight crazy mysteries
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A safety deposit box is where you store your most priced belongings. A potato is good but we don’t think it’s considered a treasure.

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Can you sleep soundly at night with this scary thing near your bed?

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Now here’s the big question. How did the chair end up in the tree trunk?

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A big question after another: How did the blue car wind up on top of the gray car? If it came dashing through behind, it could’ve left some dents on the gray car but there’s not a single scratch on it.

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This is actually me when I keep hearing other people say “pull yourself together”. And I try so hard to do just as that.

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There’s so much going on this car. Is this supposed to be a battle field? Regardless of the reason, this load of distractions may put the driver’s safety to jeopardy.

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