14 Drinking Games Sure To Get You In The Festive Spirit


If you're up for having a very boozy Xmas, then this post is for you! Want to drink and be merry? Want to spice things up? Want to have tons of fun with your friends this Christmas while getting your drink on? Then why not play at least one of these awesome, festive drinking games. They are sure to get you into the spirit of things, so to speak! Take a look!


'Home Alone' Drinking Game


Drink up anytime someone insults, threatens or complains about Kevin. Take a shot whenever Kevin talks to himself or when someone says either 'pizza' or 'polka'.



'A Nightmare Before Christmas' Drinking Game


Put on this classic Xmas movie and get drinking. Take a swig every time Jack lets out an evil cackle, Sally's stitches come undone, or Jack discovers something Xmas-related. Take a shot every time you hear a holiday greeting.



The 'Facebook' Xmas Drinking Game


Log in and take a drink when someone posts 'Merry Christmas', posts a picture of themselves with a Christmas tree, or wearing an ugly Xmas sweater.



'Frozen' Drinking Game


Take a drink every time Anna gets rejected, Olaf falls apart or when Kristoff directly talks to Sven. Take a shot every time someone bursts into song.



Christmas Dinner Drinking Game


Drink anytime someone asks how work is going, someone shows you a picture of a baby, or when you're asked if you're dating anyone.



'Love Actually' Drinking Game


Have a drink anytime someone says 'wank, bloody, piss, bugger' or 'bollocks'. Take a shot whenever anyone tries to speak a different language or when you hear the song, 'Christmas Is All Around You'.



'The Twelve Shots Of Christmas' Drinking Game


Line up 12 shots for every player. Play the song, 'The Twelve Days Of Christmas'. The rules are simple, every new day of Xmas, you take a shot. Good luck with that one!


'Elf' Drinking Game


Have a drink anytime someone mentions 'Christmas spirit' or says 'Santa'. Take a shot anytime someone eats candy or when Buddy tells someone he loves them.



Gift Wrapping Drinking Game


Make gift wrapping fun! Take a drink every time you misplace the scissors, cut the wrapping paper the wrong size or don't grab enough tape!



Christmas Card Drinking Game


Distribute all the Xmas cards you got evenly amongst whomever is playing. Everyone goes around the table one card at a time and if you have a card that's religious, or has a stupid picture, or terrible handwriting, then you have to drink. Take a shot for any card that brags about family accomplishments!




'The Muppets Christmas Carol' Drinking Game


Take a shot every time you hear Gonzo directly quoting Charles Dickens. Do the same every time someone says 'humbug' or 'Merry Xmas', when a song starts or when Rizzo asks a question.



Christmas Carols On Booze


One person says the first line of a carol. The second person says the next line, and so on. Whoever messes up, has to drink!



The Santa Hat TV Drinking Game


Place a Santa hat on the corner of your screen. Whenever anyone in shot looks like they're wearing it, it's time to take a drink.



Christmas Morning Drinking Game


Chuck some liqueur in your coffee and take a shot anytime someone receives a gift that's not up their alley. Same for if they don't know what it is.


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