Artist Masayoshi Matsumoto Takes Creating Balloon Animals To The Next Level

Balloon artists – we see them in various types of children’s parties and events creating models by twisting and stacking modelling balloons into any shapes, often balloon animals. If you are impressed with the usual dog- or bunny-shaped inflatable sculptures then you need to see the works of Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto.

Unlike other balloon animals we’ve seen so far, Matsumoto creates realistic inflatable sculptures with astounding details. His Puli dog balloon, for instance, features the breed’s distinct dreadlocks that anyone could instantly recognize.  Aside from the typical ‘dog’ and ‘bunny’ models, the Kanagawa-based artist prefers to challenge his artistic talent by sculpting more complex models including insects, sea creatures, birds, reptiles, and land animals with elaborate details. Even the smallest details such as eyes, claws, feathers, scales, and fur are clearly evident.


Artist Sculpts Realistic Animal Balloons With Impressive Details

Matsumoto sculpts pretty much any species of the animal kingdom using balloons only. All of his lifelike balloon animals are crafted by hand without the use of adhesives, markers, pens, or seals. In some of his pieces, he also adds other details such as a stick where a colorful bird perches on and a tree branch where a sloth hangs from.



If you’re a frequent visitor in our site, the name Masayoshi Matsumoto may sound familiar to you. It’s because we’ve featured some of his earlier works before. Since he’s adding new pieces each week, we’ve gathered his latest balloon animals for you to admire. Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram to keep up to date with his latest inflatable masterpieces.


























Source: Instagram