90-Year-Old Agnes Enjoys Spending Her Time Painting The Local Houses With Beautiful Designs

In Louka, a small Czech village in southern Moravia, you can see one of the most fascinating displays of skill. There, one grandma paints houses! In fact, she has made it her mission to make all her neighbors’ houses beautiful. The woman is Agnes Kasparkova. And when you’re just about ready to find it impressive, know that she’s already 90 years old!

Formerly an agricultural worker, Agnes chose to engage in painting as her retirement hobby. So, she uses her vacant time in painting classic Moravian aesthetics. Most of it is in blue ultramarine! So, you’ll see her working her art across the walls of the buildings in Louka.

close up grandma paints houses louka
Antonín Vrba

One of Agnes’ favorite places to paint is the village chapel. Yearly, she does touch-ups in her beautiful wall paintings. She then brings out a flowery motif in the facade.

With proper use of her imagination, Agnes Kasparkova doesn’t need to plan her artwork ahead of the deed. She just brushes the paint on, letting her passion in the craft, as well as her fantasy, finish the whole work. The result? Fantastic!

standing grandma paints houses louka
Obec Louka

Apparently, other women have already been painting the white Moravian houses as a sort of tradition. Now, it’s Agnes’ time. Although she takes a break during wintertime (it’s cold, of course!), she kicks back during spring. With full energy, the grandma paints houses and more of them.

meticulous details grandma paints houses louka
Obec Louka

To describe her work of art, they’re like painted houses of Zalipie. You’ll see all sorts of beautiful flower garlands! In other words, there’s no one too old to showcase their creative imagination.

One grandma paints houses so beautifully in Louka. She’s the 90-year-old Agnes Kasparkova, and she decorates the village with her stunning floral motifs.

grandma paints houses louka outdoor
Obec Louka


result grandma paints houses louka


view from afar grandma paints houses louka
Obec Louka