You Can Now Get Leaf Shaped Tortilla Chips To Snack Your Way Through Fall

Trader Joe’s is extending fall fun by bringing fall leaf shaped tortilla chips into our snack bowls. That’s right. Tortilla chips shaped like fall leaves. Trader Joe’s has added a 14 ounce bag filled with chips reminiscent of fall foliage to their seasonal lineup. And it’s freaking gorgeous, if not genius.

Preparing for Thanksgiving dinner and for Halloween usually gets really hectic. So hectic, in fact, that you might forget to prepare some snacks for your guests. And that will surely dampen the festivities. We can imagine the moment you unveil these leaf shaped tortilla chips though. There’s definitely going to be a lot of amused ooohs and ahhs! Even the most difficult guests would be inclined to give these unique chips a try.

Fall Leaf Shaped Tortilla Chips Bag

Each 14 ounce bag contains an assortment of leaves that includes the quintessential oak and maple leaves. It’s a bag of fun all by itself! This bag of chips will definitely be a conversation starter among the adults and an interesting puzzle for kids. It’s perfect for road trips (if you’re visiting, not hosting), watching television, and entertaining guests before dinner’s ready. The leaf shaped tortilla chips are best served with Trader Joe’s cinnamon bun spread. The spread is basically how the inside of a cinnamon bun tastes like, which is… pure heaven. This combination makes for a sweet and savory snack experience we know you’ll love!

Leaf Shaped Tortilla Chips Served on a Plate and some Pumpkin Butter

People who have sighted these chips couldn’t help but to post pictures of the delightfully unique chips on Instagram. According to them, the leaf chips are currently in stock at certain Trader Joe’s stores. Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell their products online, so you’ll need to check out your local store if this item is offered. You’ll need to move fast though, before it’s all blown out of the shelves!

Get your snack game on this fall season with these fall leaf shaped tortilla chips.

Bag of Fall Leaf Shaped Tortilla Chips Held By Hand


A Bunch of Fall Leaf Shaped Tortilla Chips


They look sooooooo good! If you want your very own bag of fall leaf tortilla chips, they’re available at Trader Joe’s stores for only $2.99!