Faygo Has A Cotton Candy Flavor Soda And It Taste Just Like The Real Thing

Don’t you just hate it when your cloud of cotton candy shrinks before you can enjoy it? Well now you won’t have to worry about vanishing puffs of sugar because the Faygo Cotton Candy soda is here! This fun fizzy drink is perfect for when you want to have a carnival-themed snack break. Because I think we can all agree that carnival food is delicious on an entirely different level, but it’s not exactly always available whenever we want it. So it’s a great thing that someone decided to make a cotton candy-flavored drink!

The Cotton Candy soda has actually been in the brand’s roster for years now. It’s been around together with Faygo’s other more recognizable offerings like Cola and Ginger Ale. And aside from these usual flavors, Faygo’s also offering a crazy selection that ranges from Pineapple Watermelon, Candy Apple and Strawberry Banana. In fact, they’ve got over 50 flavors for us to choose from! The Cotton Candy drink is basically a carnival in a bottle! How could we have missed this for so long?

faygo cotton candy and other flavors


The Faygo Cotton Candy soda will take your taste buds on a trip to the carnival

Besides its novel appeal, another thing we like about the Cotton Candy soda is that it’s caffeine-free. So you can enjoy this sweet, fizzy drink without worrying about consuming too much of the stimulant. This particular soda comes in a bright blue hue, like the cloud of spun sugar we all love. The cotton candy-flavored drink is available in 20oz, 24oz and 2-liter bottles.








The fizz on this mesmerizing soda is something else



This drink is widely available and it is not a limited edition offer. You can use their store locator to find the nearest retailer carrying the item, if you’re taste buds are craving a super sugary fizz. But if you’re wary of venturing outside, you can also opt to order it online via Amazon or Faygo’s online store. A case of 24oz bottles retails for about $15, while a case of 2-liter bottles will cost you only $10 if you order on Faygo’s web store. That’s a pretty sweet deal, isn’t it?