10 Interesting Facts About Finland You May Not Have Known

Sandwiched between Sweden and Russia, Finland is a wonderful place. Although most associated with it’s icy lakes, Northern Lights and being the home of Father Christmas, there is loads of other fascinating things to know about the country. For example, did you know that there is an average of one sauna per household? Crazy! Or, that the amount you would be fined for speeding is based on your personal income? Interesting! Take a look below for more facts you may not have known!
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Do you think this is a good system or a flawed one?

finland facts fines based on pay

Wow. There is so much beauty to be found in Finland!

finland facts land of lakes

They are pretty inventive! 

finland facts ingenius people

It would be hard to want to go to sleep with the sun still shining at night!

finland land of the midnight sun

We would love to see something like this in person.

finland facts polar nights

It’s crazy how payphones were used so often in the past and now there are places where they don’t exist at all!

finland facts no payphone

Well, that means less change clunking around in your pockets!

finland facts 1 2 cent coins not used

We don’t see the problem with this. Clear visibility is never a bad thing.

finland facts must have headlights on

This sounds like a great way to live. We wish we had a sauna in our house! 

finland facts one sauna per household

This is one thing we’re happy to never give a go! We’re getting chills just imagining it! 

finland facts ice swimming