‘Paperboyo’ Turns Famous Landmarks Into Art Using Paper Cutouts

London artist Rich McCor, also known as Paperboyo has been making waves in the art world for a while now. You might remember him as the man who transformed the O2/Milennium Dome in London into a cake! He also turned the Arc de Triomphe in Paris into a huge LEGO man. Thinking out of the box appears to be Paperboyo’s specialty and we have the feeling that there’s still so much more to come from him. Check out these amazing photos where the artist incorporates paper cutouts into some famous landmarks. The results are awesome!

Website: Instagram

Now THIS is a flying carpet!

Look here you!

This is so lovely and serene!

We’re loving this one!

How clever is this?

One of our favorites!

“Eye” love this!

What a magical image!

An interesting take on Titanic.

Well, this is certainly different!

It’s a monster cat!

Just kicking back enjoying some tunes.

We want to go on vacation now!

Isn’t her arm sore yet?

You’ll agree that these images are brilliantly executed and there are still plenty more to come. If you’re wondering where Paperboyo first got the idea for this series, it all began when he decided to become a tourist in his own town. The initial thought that came to him was to turn Big Ben into a wristwatch using one of his cutouts. From there, the project spiraled until McCor was seeing hilarious cutout photo opportunities all around him. With more than 253K followers on Instagram, we think his project will be going strong for a long time to come. 

This guy doesn’t like his nails being done!

Hey! Be careful where you’re sweeping that dust!

A rollercoaster like this would be awesome!

What a clever idea!

Thank goodness this isn’t real!

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a little orange mowing guy of your own?

Well caught sir!

We’d love to skateboard here!

What size is this guy’s toolkit?

Where is this? We’ve got to go here! 

Ah, the carefree days of childhood!

Imagine if these were real!

 No wonder there’s no one else in the pool!

Polar bears love that ice!