14 People Share Creative Ways You Can Reuse Old And Useless Items

When some things are too worn-out or heavily aged, we tend to brand them junk and dispose of them. But sometimes ‘useless’ trash can be given new life by reusing it for other purposes. Recycling has played a very important role in our advocacy to preserve and protect Mother Nature. And, it is our duty as human beings to discover ideas on how to reuse old and useless items to reduce our wastage! Take a look!

If you think re-purposing old and useless junks is absurd, let these people show you how to do it. Take a look at some of these creative ways to give useless stuff a second life.

Don’t throw away those empty soda cans. You can make a lovely sofa out of them.

Messy and tangled cords giving you a hard time? Use toilet paper rolls to hold cords and cable.

Rubber shoes for rubber tires.

A shopping cart turned into a lounge chair for a relaxing siesta.

Create objet d’art candle holders by reusing old kitchenware.

Why spend for an expensive fender when you can use plastic bottle that works as well?

Elegant-looking chandelier made of drums.

How to make a barbecue grill out of a tin can.

Create majestic lampshades by using old spoons.

This bar discovers another way to use empty wine bottles.

Who would’ve thought that an old washing machine can turn into an outdoor fire pit?

Full armor, get ready for battle.

“My grandma’s butter dish.”

Give new life to your old tennis rackets.