Embarrassing Childhood Photos That Are Too Funny Not To Share

Photographs are reminders of the significant events in our lives. Once in a while, we feel the nostalgia and we browse through our childhood photos. It feels great to look back at our younger days and it makes you wish you could go back in time. But these people would certainly want to go back in time to prevent themselves from taking these humiliating photos. While most of us treasure our childhood photos, these people are full of regrets for looking hilarious back then. Have a good laugh at these embarrassing childhood photos that are too funny not to share.



When you let your grandpa dress you up, this is what you’ll look like.

What’s that smell? Is that bacon?

A perfect frame that precisely compliments the hair.

What? Did you forget your briefcase again?

She dislikes her vest. Her face says it all.

Childhood photos you wish were burnt! Krusty the Clown in his younger years.

This 7-year-old girl looks like a twice-divorced woman.

Humiliating and hilarious pictures from people’s youth



Noodle hair and green spiky bangs. No one would’ve ever thought of that.

This kid nailed the demonic lawyer look.

Goth-style was so favorable back then. Thankfully, it is now considered just a thing of the past.

How to avoid blinking during a photo-shoot… keep you eyes open at all times.

We have no idea what she’s mad about. Could be those horrible bangs? Or those bacon-looking things in her pocket? Or perhaps those balloons that she stole from other children?

Who let the dog out? Oh wait… it’s a real person’s hair!

Believe it or not, this woman girl is actually 12 years old during this photo. Cringe!

Squarepants, meet your little brother Squarehead!