People Send In Their Most Awkward Family Photos To This Instagram Account – Here’s 30 Of The Funniest Ones

Admit it, you have had some awkward family photos that you wish would’ve never been taken. We love to celebrate every moment with our family, whether it’s a gathering, special occasion, outing, or just a casual bonding time with them. This is why we love taking photos of the time we’ve spent with our family. We all have our precious collection of family photos but these families took it to a whole new level, to the point they’ve become so funny.

They say pictures are memories frozen in time. And nothing could be as memorable as the happy moments we’ve shared with our loved ones. But things can get a little uneasy with our family at some point. As a kid, you’ve probably forced to wear cringe-worthy clothes or strike a ridiculous pose for a family photo. And you’ve looked back at those times asking why you let yourself in that kind of humiliation. Don’t fret because you’re not the only one. You only need to look at these awkward family photos to know that some people even had it worse than you.


Awkward Family Photos

As a matter of fact, there’s an Instagram page dedicated to awkward family photos. Since 2009, it has served as a place where people can share their most embarrassing and weirdest moments with their family caught on camera. Mike Bender, one of the minds behind the Instagram page @awkwardfamilyphotos, is a screenwriter whose credits include the popular movie Not Another Teen Movie. Bender reveals that he was very aware of awkward situations and the comedy of it since he was kid.


“I didn’t exactly want them to happen but when they did, I was excited to have a new story to tell.” Bender said. “I thought that was such a peculiar idea — to memorialize this awkward moment. But I also thought it was intriguing.”

If you have some awkward family photos that you also want to share, just DM the page with your pics and prepare to get some laughs. Just make sure that your pics are as hilarious as these photos. The level of awkwardness you’re about to see on this compilation will surely make you laugh and scratch your heads at the same time. When it comes to awkwardness, we think it’s impossible to top these families.

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