Secret Confessions From Police Officers

Being a police officer can be extremely rewarding. However, the profession brings with it many challenges. Not only are the tasks themselves difficult, but cops also have to deal with a lot of prejudice. The fact is, there are good cops and bad cops. Some people abuse their powers whilst others use them to better the world. Here we have some secret confessions from police officers that show the different kinds of people you can encounter. Take a look!
Website: Whisper

Is there a reason that you can’t quit? Life is too short to live in misery! 

We think this is great, within reason. We like people that apply logic to a situation! 

This on the other hand… not logical at all?!

Sometimes people run not because they are guilty but because they are afraid of something. 

Many people underestimate how hard an officer’s job can be. 

This is one crooked cop we think we’ll let off! 

Some people will agree with this, others won’t! What’s your thoughts?

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Always follow your instincts! 

Officers are not above the law. 

We think this is a good attitude to adopt. 

If we shouldn’t judge people to be the same based on their race, gender, weight etc. then why should we do it when it comes to profession?

This will be a hard thing to deal with but we hope that this person eventually accepted that they acted in self defense.

We think 90% is probably an exaggeration, however, we can believe that some officers do this. 

Don’t let ignorant people bring you down! They aren’t worth it.