The ‘Seaduction’ Floating Cabana Loungers Are The Perfect Way To Relax On The Water

Let’s admit it, many of us spend more time lounging by the pool than actually swimming in it. Well, to be fair, taking the time to appreciate being near water is just as relaxing as taking a dip. And while we’ve seen countless pool floats and loungers on the market, we bet nothing still comes close to the comfort and convenience that these floating cabana loungers bring.

The Seaduction Float is a luxury floating cabana manufactured by Florida-based recreation management company Atlantic Beach Clubs. It features two reclining cushions with an integrated umbrella and canopy, offering you a unique way of lounging on the water in style and comfort.

seaduction floating beach recliners


seaduction luxury floating beach recliners


These luxury floating cabana loungers take relaxation by the pool to the next level

seaduction luxury beach recliners with canopy and umbrella attachments


seaduction floats super schmooze lounge cushions


connected seaduction floating cabana loungers

In addition, it comes with lockable dry storage, so you can keep your pool essentials at hand. Best of all, it includes a built-in insulated cooler, a snack bowl as well as two cup holders. So, you won’t have to get out of the pool just to refill your drinks and grab some snacks. Equipped with durable ABS hair cell plastic outer shells, the Seaduction Float is guaranteed to withstand harsh marine environments. The shells also feature a white Korad 100% acrylic multipolymer coating for optimal protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

seaduction built in cooler and snack bowl


seaduction floats with umbrella and canopy attachments


floating cabana loungers with umbrella and canopy attachments


seaduction floating beach recliners with attachable canopy and umbrella

The luxury floating cabana also features anchor points on each corner, allowing you to enjoy unobstructed panoramic views of the scenery from multiple angles. You can also adjust the umbrella and the canopy from a sitting position for maximum comfort and convenience. According to the company, the Seaduction Float can reduce the radiant heat index by up to 15%, keeping you comfortable on a hot summer day.

seaduction floating cabana lounger


floating cabana loungers with canopy and umbrella attachments


floating beach recliners wwith umbrella and canopy attachments


floating cabana loungers with attachable umbrella and canopy

The Seaduction Float weighs 213lbs and measures 79″ wide, 95″ long and 13″ high. It’s relatively lightweight, so it only takes about five minutes to set it up and another five minutes to disassemble it. It’s ideal for use in calm bodies of water that are up to four feet in depth. These include pools, rivers, lagoons, bays and coastal oceans. But of course, it’s great for land use as well.

floating cabana loungers


floating cabana loungers with attachable canopy and umbrella


floating beach lounge chairs with umbrella and canopy attachments


floating cabana loungers by the shore

Apparently, Seaduction Floats primarily cater to hotel and resort owners who are looking to upgrade their guests’ relaxation experience. While it’s essentially marketed for commercial use, you are more than welcome to get one for your personal use. Feel free to check out their website and send them a message for purchase inquiries.

Source: Seaduction Floats Website | Facebook