Costco Now Has Bacon Cheddar Cheese Burgers So It’s Time To Get The BBQ Out

Prepare your barbecue grills for these flavorsome bacon cheddar cheese burgers. The hamburger is an all-season staple for virtually every American. But we can all agree that it is best enjoyed right off the grill during barbecue season. Costco is giving us the yummiest burger yet. No need to make burger patties from ground beef. All you need to do is grab a pack, fire up the grill, cook the burgers and enjoy!

Costco rolled out its bacon cheese burgers to give us the juiciest and tastiest summer ever. The burger patties are made with ground beef, cheese and bacon bits all mixed together. With all these tasty ingredients packed in a single patty, you’ll get to enjoy the beefy, cheesy and bacon-y flavors in each bite. There’s no need to sweat mixing all these ingredients together as these patties come ready to cook.


Costco’s Bacon Cheddar Cheese Burgers

bacon cheddar cheese burgers

People have spotted these ready-to-cook burger patties at Costco’s deli section. They come in a 3-lb pack containing 6 burger patties retailing at $4.99/lb. So, you’ll get the 6-pack for around $15. Take note that this is a seasonal item so it is likely be around for the summer season only. So, head to the deli section first on your next trip to Costco. We can just imagine the flavor overload on these goodies. Who’s ready to impress their guests at their barbecue party? We sure are.