Men Confess Their Biggest Betrayals And Broken Promises

A healthy relationship is one built upon trust. If you can’t rely on your partner to be honest with you, then you’ll find yourself feeling pretty miserable. Of course, everyone tells lies sometimes, some small and insignificant… others big. However, a promise is something that many people hold dear and will not break. Despite this, there are still those who do. Here we have a list of men confessing their biggest betrayals and broken promises. Take a look…
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Ruining your partner’s birthday is not cool. It’s a time that they should come first, not be selfishly let down. 

Sometimes we think one way but end up feeling another… 

It sounds like this couple have got a serious conversation ahead of them. 

Then END IT! This is totally unfair on the girlfriend. 

Oh no! The betrayal is strong with this one… 

Breaking someone’s trust after they gave you forgiveness once already is despicable in our eyes. 

Things don’t always turn out as planned… 

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This is a pretty big one to break. 

We agree. At least this person has recognized their mistake, an honest chat is in need. 

But not scared enough to change?

Well, this one is more than understandable! 

Shame on you and shame on the sisters! 

We all slip up sometimes. What’s important is how you handle it and feel about it afterwards.

Professional help may be in order here. Or, a support group perhaps?