Filmmaker Asks People To Explain Movie Plots “As Boring As Possible” And The Results Are Hilarious

The average film has a run time between 90 and 120 minutes. But all it takes is a one-liner to explain the plot of the entire movie. A filmmaker took to Twitter to ask people to explain the plot of their favorite movies. On the thread, she asks people to make a one-line explanation of a movie and to make it as boring as possible. As expected, the thread blew up the internet. Apparently, everyone has their own favorite movies and everyone has their own amusing way to explain the plot in one sentence.

Romina has been working in the entertainment industry for a very long time. And just like any other movie creator, public opinion matters a lot to her. What did viewers think of the movie? Did the storyline struck a chord with them? Where viewers able to relate to the characters and did they find the plot interesting? While Romina reveals that making a movie involves a lot of work, she also said that it’s very rewarding.  Some people may like the movie while other may not like it, you just can’t please everyone all the time.


This filmmaker asks people on Twitter to make a clever one-line plot of their favorite movie

Romina wanted to know how people would describe their favorite movies in one sentence. But instead of making the plot appear interesting, she asked people to do the opposite. Rather, she wanted people to explain the plot as boring as possible, for fun’s sake. And the responses are hilariously clever.



Well, you probably heard some people roasting blockbuster films by explaining the plot in funny one-liners. ‘A kid comes out of a closet’ would make Narnia ring a bell. ‘Noseless guy has an unhealthy obsession with a teenage boy’ would instantly remind you of Harry Potter. These brilliant one-line plot explanations are so spot on that you can’t help but agree. How on Earth did they able to summarize a two-hour movie in just one sentence? These people are downright geniuses.


“I really wasn’t thinking about anything when I came up with it,” filmmaker Romina talked about her Twitter thread going viral. “But I’m glad a lot of people have gotten a good laugh from it and have been entertained. I was laughing so much reading through some of them.”



As of this writing, the thread already has thousands of responses. More and more people have been joining in each day to share their own hilarious one-line movie plot. We’ve picked out the funniest comments from the thread to give you a good laugh. And if you have a clever one-liner in mind, feel free to share it in the comment section below.