ClickStick Is The World’s First Smart Deodorant


Have you ever forgotten to put on deodorant as you rushed out the door in the morning? Are you unsure how much product is too much when it comes to protecting yourself (and others) from the horrors of body odor?! Well all of that could be a thing of the past thanks to an innovative (if strange) new invention called ClickStick. According to its makers, ClickStick is an electric, eco-friendly deodorant applicator that comes in a range of colors. Used together with the included app that syncs with the dispenser, ClickStick ensures users apply exactly the right amount of deodorant gel based on their activity levels, height and weight.
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So all users need to do is push a button on the dispenser for their underarms to receive exactly the 'right' amount of gel for their individual needs. For those of you who are a bit forgetful when it comes to personal hygiene matters, reminders can be set via the smartphone app. There's even a light you can switch on in case you need to apply deodorant in a dark room. Genius! The app will also tell you when you're running out of product and will automatically order you a new refill. So what make's ClickStick better than regular (and cheaper) deodorants and why should we use it?


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New Jersey graduate student Gilad Arwatz came up with the idea for this innovative product. As of November 18, Arwatz had raised more than $45,000 of the $55,000 needed to launch the product. If all goes to plan, ClickStick should be available on the market in June 2015. So just how much will this innovative body stink protector cost? Prices range between $19 for one dispenser with a single refill and $180 for a one dispenser with three years supply of refills. You can choose between black, white or purple when it comes to dispenser color. 



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An interesting gift idea, perhaps?

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