Person Shares Photo Of What The South Korean Government Comfort Package For Quarantined People Looks Like

With over 10,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases, the South Korean government’s definitely got their hands full at the moment. However, if there’s anything you can expect from this proud nation, it’s their efficiency. Despite the overwhelming predicament, it seems that their government has managed to successfully manage the situation. And just recently, people practicing self-quarantine have shared the contents of the South Korean government care package to the world. The contents of this particular package provides a glimpse at how the country is dealing with the pandemic.

South Korea’s provision of comfort packages is both a dissuasion and encouragement. These packages are meant to provide all the recipient’s basic needs. Which will discourage them from going out to shop. With their needs provided, they will no longer have a reason to go out. Which gives them the chance to stay inside, where it’s safe.  And the contents of the South Korean government’s comfort packages are honestly so well-thought of that it’s got us looking up how to gain South Korean citizenship!

south korean government comfort package with fresh produce, hygeine essentials


The South Korean government comfort package is a great example of what governments should be providing their citizens who are in quarantine

A couple days ago, an Imgur user shared photos of the care package he received from the South Korean government. This package arrived on his second day of quarantine. And it contained more than one would expect from a government-provided care pack, which was a pleasant surprise for the “Uvzkwq”. Aside from the expected hygiene essentials like face masks and hand sanitizer, there were also an assortment of fresh produce, and other essential items. Safe to say that the South Korean government’s got all bases covered for their people at this time! A Redditor in a similiar situation elaborated on this by writing,

“Currently in Korea and had some limited contact with a confirmed case. I was immediately notified by my local government office and tested the next day. Thank God it came back negative, but they still advised that I self-quarantine for 14 days. I got a call from a dedicated case officer that will check in on me twice a day every day during my quarantine. Mentioned they would drop off some supplies later that day which I thought would be some hand sanitizer and a box of tissues. Boy, was I wrong!”

food supply from south korean government

“There was also a lot of included literature about best practices and emergency government income for those that can’t work and aren’t getting paid. It scaled up to about 1500USD for a family of five which as a supplement is pretty helpful.”


South Koreans in quarantine are provided with generous comfort packages by their government

Grocery shopping is no longer trivial. These days, you’ll be putting yourself at risk if you go. But it’s necessary, because we’ve got to replenish stocks to maintain our health. However, if you’ve noticed, store shelves aren’t exactly brimming with products these days. People are panicking and buying more than they should. So the South Korean government’s initiative to provide their people with healthy food items together with their hygiene essentials is commendable. It not only keeps the people healthy but also ensures that their agricultural sector will not suffer because of the pandemic.

“Honestly, the way this whole situation was handled was so efficient, professional, and actually a bit calming. It gives me hope that Korea can somewhat cope with this virus (as well as one can hope) with their aggressive testing compared to most other countries.”

face mask anti-virus spray and garbage disposal bag from the south korean government comfort package


fresh produce provided in the south korean government comfort package


Every impressive South Korean government comfort package also includes an empowering letter for its recipient

Aside from the hygiene and food essentials, there’s also a letter of encouragement included in the pack. This inclusion is touching, as it shows the compassionate side of the South Korean government towards their people. Below is the rough translation of the letter,

“For people who are currently suffering from the Corona-19 virus, we send our regards and sympathy. We (the food ministry?) is sending his “environmentally-friendly health package” constructed with environment-friendly crops. We hope this helps you get energy for your daily routine. Furthermore, we hope you get well soon to return to your daily life. You can do it! Fight it! Go South Korea!”

encouragement letter


They even created a special waste disposal scheme for those in quarantine

The South Korean government is also implementing a special waste disposal procedure for ‘quarantine trash’. Garbage disposal bags are provided, together with a special disinfectant spray. Those in quarantine must follow the proper disposal guidelines as instructed on the accompanying literature.

“Garbage disposal instructions for people without COVID-19 symptoms:
After filling up the garbage disposal bag, please keep it and use the anti-virus spray to disinfect the bag (at least once day). Only fill up 75% of the bag, tie it tightly and use the spray to disinfect it. You should keep the bag until the end of the quarantine and call the number provided and they will dispose of it for you.
Instructions for when you’re showing symptoms of the virus: do the same as #1 and after filling up the bag, please contact the number provided.
Instructions for people who are diagnosed with COVID-19: do the same as #1 and call the number provided.”

garbage disposal instructions for quarantined persons


People are praising South Korea’s thoughtful way of caring for their citizens

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several countries are doing this


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