Hershey’s Patriotic Cookies ‘N’ Creme Flavor Is Packed With Red, White & Blue Bits

With everything that’s happening in the world right now, it’s only fitting that we show some love to our country. Thankfully, there are countless ways to do so. For one, joining volunteer programs and engaging in charitable acts is a good start. But, of course, nothing is as exciting as supporting snacks with a patriotic theme. We’ve seen how Sour Patch Kids have done it. Now, Hershey’s is joining the trend as its classic Cookies ‘N’ Crème bars get a patriotic makeover.

The chocolate giant officially markets these special-edition Cookies ‘N’ Crème bars as “Red, White & Blue.” So, as you might have already guessed, they come in a nice patriotic packaging that features the country’s national colors. The timing of these treats’ release certainly couldn’t have been more perfect, especially with the Memorial Day drawing near. Now, is it too early to assume that they would be around until the 4th of July? We hope not.


And if you think the patriotic spirit only reflects on the packaging, then you’re in for a major surprise. Apparently, the white crème bars also consist of red and blue cookie bits. But, of course, they only come in addition to the chocolate cookie bits that we’ve grown to love. Just imagine the pop of colors and the amazing amount of cookie bits you’d get with every bite. More so, imagine putting them in s’mores—that brilliant idea alone is already enough to make us drool!


Hershey’s is giving us “more ways to s’more” with these special-edition Red, White & Blue Cookies ‘N’ Crème bars

So far, there only have been a few sightings of the themed bars on shelves. A handful of Instagram users including @snacksfromaround and @rednecksnackandfood spotted them in packs of six full-size bars. It’s also worth mentioning that they got theirs at Walmart, although they’re not listed online. Hopefully, they would be available in more grocery stores soon, so we could have more chances of snagging a pack.


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Hersheys went and changed the cookie bits in the colors of ?? Not gonna lie it does look pretty cool! My parents were going to the store and I send them a picture lol look for these and my mom comes home and shows me she found them. It tastes slightly better then just the regular one which it just might be my head playing games lol. . . Tag a friend Turn notifications on . . . . . #hersheys #hersheyschocolate #hersheyskisses #hersheyschocolateworld #chocolate #candy #sugar #dessert #yummy #instagood #snacks #junkfood #foodporn #foodforfoodies #foody #foodpic #pictureoftheday #snores #4thofjuly #schokolade #cookies #cookiesandcream #whitechocolate #likeforlikes #quarantinelife #iifym #fitfam #eeeeeats #asmreating #candybar

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Although the packaging makes no mention of it, we’re guessing that this special-edition variant is a limited-edition offering only. However, we certainly wouldn’t mind having these colorful bars around all year long.