People Share Their Honest Opinions On Prenuptial Agreements

Getting married is an exiting time surrounded by happiness. However, one thing that can leave couples divided and questioning everything is their differing opinions on prenuptial agreements. Some people see nothing wrong in wanting to protect their assets, whilst others see wanting a prenup as showing a lack of faith in the relationship lasting. It’s a tricky subject indeed! Here we have a list of varying viewpoints on the topic. Take a look and see which ones you agree with!
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People Share Their Honest Opinions On Prenuptial Agreements

For some people, the suggestion of a prenup means that their partner definitely doubts the relationship lasting. 

How would this person feel if it was their partner who inherited a lot of money and wanted a prenup against them?

A good statement to live by? 

If people are already predicting these sorts of things, what’s the point in marriage?

This would be a nice gesture. It’s different when you meet someone who has a lot of money already rather than them building their fortune whilst they were with you. 

Some people will always want to protect themselves no matter what. 

Being responsible for someone else’s debts isn’t fair. But, this just sounds a bit off to us. 

This is one way of looking at things…

Not necessarily. Maybe she’s offended that you think the marriage might end at some point… 

Well, maybe if you told her, she would understand…

It sounds like this person has had their trust broken in the past. 

But, surely you don’t enter marriage on the premise that you will break up? The insurance part does make sense though. 

Marriage is a big step, we understand why some people get worried about the future. 

It is true that people can change over time.