14 Cute And Curious Cats Eating Strange Things


Cats like jelly meat and those little biscuity things, right? Ok, maybe they'll jump up on the bench and consume your leftovers, but they're certainly not going to go for the salad bowl, surely. Well, like humans, not all cats like the same sort of foods. And this post proves it. Check out these curious cats eating the strangest things. It's cute and really quite strange! 


Cat trying a Dorito.


Mmmm…. sushi?


This cat thinks mango is the best thing since sliced bread!


Zucchini.. gotta keep up my healthy eating habits, you see!


I like it straight from the bottle!


Mmm catnip… give it to me!


No escape for these grapes.


Nothing better than a sneaky cheeseburger.


Whaddaya mean cats don't like corn on the cob?



This cat knows a good melon when it sees one.


And who doesn't like ice cream…come on!


A banana… health and delicious!


I find this watermelon to be rather tasty….


…and I am also into health food.