People In The UK Can Finally Get Their Hands On Caramilk Twirls

Cadbury Caramilk is finally back. What’s more, these yummy treats have just hit the UK. But here’s more reason to rejoice – the returning flavor just got a new twist as the giant confectionery company recently launched its new Caramilk Twirls. The new offering combines two unique Cadbury icons – the thin swirls of the Twirl and the golden caramelized white chocolate. Initially released in Australia in November 2019, people in the UK will no longer drool in jealousy as they can now buy this mouthwatering new flavor.


What Is Flavor Is The New Twirl?

GB Gifts, a British company selling chocolates and sweets worldwide, now offers the new Cadbury Twirls to the UK. Imported from Australia, we can now get a taste of this new and exciting flavor. As we all know, the original Cadbury Twirl consists of two chocolate Flake-style bars coated with milk chocolate. Most Cadbury fans prefer the Twirls as they are not as messy as the Flakes. Indeed, the milk chocolate coating allows easier bites without getting the flaky chocolate bits everywhere.

cadbury caramilk twirls
GB Gifts

Without a doubt, the chocolate Cadbury Twirl is one of our favorite treats in the world. Now, imagine replacing the chocolate flakes with caramelized white chocolate flakes. Then cover all those goodness with Cadbury’s signature milk chocolate. That’s essentially what makes up the new Caramilk treat. Moreover, this new flavor just offers us a new exhilarating way to enjoy our all-time favorite Twirl.


The new Cadbury treat is currently creating a buzz on social media. Apparently, people can’t wait to sink their sweet tooth into these delicious treats.

Source: GBGifts