Dunkin’ Has A New Birthday Cake-Flavored Donut And The Pineapple Coolatta Is Back

The month of June is always filled with fun activities and exciting events. Not only does it signal the start of the summer season, but it marks the celebration of Pride Month as well. Father’s Day also happens to fall in June. On top of that, it’s also the time of the year when we celebrate National Donut Day. So, to commemorate this very special occasion, Dunkin’ has released a birthday cake-inspired donut. In addition, the donut company has brought back its Pineapple Coolatta to make summer staycations more enjoyable.

Aptly dubbed Celebration Donut, this birthday cake-inspired donut comes with white icing on top, complete with orange, pink and yellow sprinkles. Of course, the orange and pink sprinkles are a nod to the company’s official colors. Meanwhile, the yellow star-shaped sprinkles are undoubtedly a nice celebratory touch.


Dunkin’ has a new birthday cake-inspired donut that’s topped with colorful sprinkles and loaded with confetti pieces inside




Just by the appearance alone, you can already tell that this donut certainly lives up to its name. But the fun doesn’t simply stop there. The real party happens once you bite into it. Because not only does the donut taste like an actual cake, but it’s also loaded with confetti pieces inside! So, it’s probably safe to assume that it’s like a Pillsbury Funfetti treat in the form of a donut.







In addition to this new decadent donut flavor, the Pineapple Coolatta is making a comeback for the second time around. The donut giant first introduced this refreshing drink back in 2018. Due to popular demand, the summertime sip also returned last spring for a limited time. Now, it’s back once again and is finally available at select Dunkin’ stores in the Northeast and Southeast. So, in case you still haven’t tried it yet, then now’s your chance to do so!


The donut giant has also brought back its Pineapple Coolatta just in time for summer!








However, do note that these two offerings are available for a limited time only. And that’s most likely until the end of this month. So, you better act fast, and make sure you grab both at once whenever you get the chance! We’re not sure if these two make a great combination though. Nonetheless, we bet that each treat tastes great in its own right. And judging by people’s posts on Instagram, the Celebration Donut does seem like the perfect partner for your morning or afternoon cup of coffee. Well, there’s only one way to find out.