Heart Warming Reasons Why Everyone Should Have A Large Dog In Their Life

When you’re choosing a dog to become a new member of your family, it’s crucial to find one that suits your lifestyle. You need to bear in mind that you might not have the space and time to take care of a giant breed dog. However, after looking at these images, the pros seem to far outweigh the cons! Just like their smaller counterparts, large dogs need cuddles too and when they receive them, hilarious occurrences often ensue. These pooches just don’t seem to realize how huge they are, which makes them even more endearing. It just goes to show that good things don’t necessarily come in small packages. Read on to see some of the many reasons why everyone should have a large dog in their life! 

They keep you company while you’re at work.

big dog photos womans knee work


Big dogs bring a smile to everyone’s faces!

A giant pooch always looks out for you!

He’ll be a source of never-ending entertainment! 

You’re sure to get a warm welcome at home after a hard day.

Big dogs are excellent at helping with homework.

Snuggling is taken to a whole new level!

big dog photos man couch


He’s a giant, walking hot water bottle!

Giant dogs make very good babysitters!

They like keeping an eye on things.

Huge dogs are like furry mobile-heated sofas!

They’re always excited about birthday celebrations!

Your dog will keep you company as you watch your favorite shows.

Your seat will always be kept warm!