Funny Things That Drunk People Bought For Themselves

The mind of a drunk person can be a strange place. For some unknown reason, the intoxicated version of ourselves can be very different to our sober selves. It seems to desire strange things that sober you would never dream of getting. Sometimes, we even follow through on these desires and purchase things! However, more often than not we don’t realize what we have done until it turns up at our door. Below is a hilarious list of funny things that drunk people bought for themselves. Take a look!
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Woah, that’s a big spend. 

The logic of an intoxicated mind is often very entertaining. 

The friends should not have allowed this to happen! 

That’s some hefty preparation! 

We imagine that this was an email that provided much relief! Thankfully this person was outbid… 

What an odd combination! 

Love it! We wouldn’t be too upset about this one! 

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This person’s family and friends will have the perfect person to carry out impromptu weddings! 


Because who wouldn’t want one of these in their life?

But, did you eat it is the question?!

We imagine that this person’s stomach was not forgiving… 

At least the little creature has everything it needs! 

Just what everyone needs in their ‘just in case’ cupboard!