A Game Of Thrones Fan Made This Epic Dragon Lamp And Put It Up On Etsy

Add a touch of adventure and excitement into your room with this GOT-inspired dragon lamp. The worldwide phenomena hit series Game of Thrones aired its final episode last May 19. Even now, avid viewers are still in disbelief that the epic series is already over. And to be honest, the series finale is drawing mixed reactions from fans all over the world. Some were disappointed with how the story concluded while others are fairly satisfied with the ending. Regardless of how it turned out, there’s no denying the craze it created. And it will go down as one of the most successful TV series of all time.

One of the most influential factors which brought success to the series was the magnificent dragons of Daenerys Targaryen. True enough, GOT dragons have inspired several merchandises and promotional materials such as pool floats and stationery papers. And we’ve found another item to include to this collection. This GOT-inspired dragon lamp we found on Etsy will certainly ignite your devotion to the iconic series.

got-inspired dragon lamp

dragon lamp etsy


got dragon lamp


dragon lamp ice

Kvant 3D Printing introduces its amazing dragon lamp that has a striking resemblance to Daenerys’ fire dragon Drogon. The ingenious lamp features a white base that looks like a mass of ice. When the lamp is not in use, the dragon seems to breathe out ice. But when it’s turned on, the dragon would appear to breathe out fire. The dragon lamp stands 9.8 inches tall and was designed using 3D printing technology. Moreover, flame color also comes in three different color options – white, red and blue. The dragon lamp was offered in limited stocks on Etsy and quickly sold out. So, we’ll just have to wait until they are available again.

Kvant 3D Printing offers GOT-inspired dragon lamp on Etsy

got-inspired dragon lamp ice


dragon lamp turned off

Apart from the GOT-inspired dragon lamp, Kvant 3D Printing also offers 3D-printed dragon eggs. This collection features hatched eggs containing dragon hatchlings. These eggs are available in four different colors – black, green, green, and gold. And they are currently available on Etsy so grab yours now before they sell out.

dragon lamp turned on

kvant 3d printing dragon eggs

You can also check the printing shop’s Instagram page to see its other equally-amazing creations.

Source: Etsy | Instagram