Japanese Artist Ayako Creates Giant Japanese Dragon Sculpture Made From Wood And Palm Tree Leaves

Japan mesmerized the whole world with its annual Wara Art Festival where people create gigantic sculptures of animals made entirely of rice straw. But, another Japanese artist has taken this art to a whole new level by creating a Japanese dragon sculpture made from wood and straw. This straw sculpture is so realistic that the mythical creature looks like it is about to fly any moment.

If you have been to Japan, you probably know that there are many annual festivals. While most of these festivities feature flamboyant parades, fireworks display and dances, some festivals provide a solemn celebration that highlights Japanese art and culture. For art enthusiasts, Japan is the place to be. Every year, different regions across the country exhibit their own art for the world to see. Japanese art includes a wide range of styles and media such as painting, sculpture, pottery, calligraphy, origami, ceramics and much more.


Japanese Dragon Sculpture Made From Straw And Wood

japanese dragon sculpture
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Niigata Prefecture has the Wara Art Festival, while the city of Uruma in Okinawa Prefecture has the Shimadakara Festival. The annual Shimadakara (which means ‘island treasure’) is a celebration of the artists and crafters of the country’s southern islands. Locals celebrate the festival by creating artwork made from locally-sourced materials. And put their artworks on display from November 1st to November 10th of every year. Last year’s Shimadakara festival was a huge success. But one particular art piece got everyone’s attention. It was a dragon sculpture made from straw sourced from Chinese fan palm complete with hand-carved wooden teeth.

japanese dragon sculpture shimadakara festival
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japanese dragon sculpture uruma city
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The giant sculpture was created by Japanese artist Ayako. It was sculpted using dried palm leaves and braided vines. The artist claims that the piece was based on Ryugu-jo. In Japanese folklore, the Ryugu-jo is the palace of Ryujin (dragon god of the sea) which is located under the sea. The sea dragon is suspended mid-air with its tail curled up high on a tree. So, it appears like it’s peeking through the window of a village house, ready to invade. The art piece looked so terrifyingly real that made some spectators screamed in fear upon seeing it.



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