Yoo-Hoo Have Released A Vanilla Flavor And It Tastes Just Like Ice Cream

It’s time to ditch the grown-up coffee cups. As, Yoo-hoo, the chocolate milk drink that defined our childhoods, is back. And it’s making our dreams come true with their new vanilla flavor! We’re especially thrilled about this new addition to the Yoo-hoo lineup because as you know, they’ve only ever offered delicious chocolate-y drinks. This vanilla-flavoured version is a welcome and much-anticipated addition for sure.

You may have forgotten that this chocolate drink still exists because you’ve switched to more grown up stuff. But the brand’s definitely making a strong case for itself with their vanilla offering. Over the years, Yoo-hoo’s definitely done a great job coming up with playful and delicious chocolate and non-choc combos. Thanks to the brand, we got to know strawberry milk, chocolate strawberry, chocolate caramel and chocolate peanut butter.


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Hello Everyone! Today’s post features a BRAND NEW flavor of Yoo-hoo. The new flavor is Vanilla! If you’ve been following my Instagram story then you know I discovered a tag on a shelf at Walmart for Vanilla Yoo-hoo on Friday, but much to my dismay no Vanilla Yoo-hoo. Fast forward to two days later and I found it stocked on the shelf of another Walmart on Sunday! My sister also found it the same day as me in another state. I was super excited by this new find because I had not seen any posts about it and could not track down any information about it, so it appears this is a super brand new release! ? The Vanilla Yoo-hoo comes in packs of 10 boxes. The packaging and individual boxes display a vanilla ice cream cone graphic on it. My sister- Front Page Food Finds Guest Contributor and I really enjoyed this Yoo-hoo. We both agreed the Vanilla Yoo-hoo tasted like a melted Vanilla Milkshake or like the ice cream melted at the bottom of a cup/dish. We both thought the ice cream graphic was an accurate and fitting description of the taste and flavor. I was happy I bought two packages of the Yoo-hoo, and my sister wishes she had picked up two packages instead of one. ? Needless to say, we both are big fans of Yoo-hoo’s new flavor. ? Dear @yoohoodrink @drpeppersnapplegroup #keurigdrpepper you need to get your Yoo-hoo social media accounts up and running so us Yoo-hoo fans can show you some love, and get information on the new flavors you release. You’ve got fans out here! P.S.- Can the Chocolate Banana flavor make a come back??? ??? ? Thank you all for joining me today. This post is extra special to me because it is my 100th post! ? Thank you to all that follow me and show my posts love, you are more appreciated than you know. ? I’ll be back Friday with a brand new seasonal food find! ? – Kim ???

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The new Yoo-hoo Vanilla is reportedly super good

Several Instagram foodies spotted the new Yoo-hoo Vanilla at their local Walmart. We first got wind of the news thanks to @snackstalker who enthusiastically snapped a photo of the 10-box crate that they stumbled upon during one of their regular hunts for yummy new treats and sips. On the other hand, @frontpagefoodfinds tried it. And they loved it. According to the Instagrammer, the new vanilla-flavored drink tastes like melted vanilla milkshake or melted ice cream.

If @frontpagefoodfinds’ impressions are spot on then we’ve got ourselves a definite winner. I’m totally drooling at the thought of a super rich and creamy drink flooding my taste buds! There isn’t much info out about the new offering, so I’m guessing that this is either a Walmart-exclusive or it’s in a testing (er, teasing) phase. But then again, Yoo-hoo may just be slowly adding their new product to shelves. One thing’s for sure though: Yoo-hoo’s portfolio is finally complete. But hopefully they’ve got more coming out in the near future!


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It’s Review Time! ? Wow, what a blast from the past this review was! I think the last time I had a Yoo-Hoo was maybe middle school or early highschool, needless to say it had been awhile! @yoohoodrink has really been on the ball coming out with new flavors left and right, and today I present their newest Yoo-Hoo Vanilla! • • Now going into this I was a little worried about flavor. I have never tried any other flavor besides the original, so I was curious if this just gonna be the original with a tiny amount of vanilla you can barely taste! I was so wrong! These are DELICIOUS! Once you take your first sip, you’re greeted with a full flavor of rich and sweet vanilla! I honestly compared it to a vanilla bean frap. Overall these are a wonderful upgrade to the original Yoo-Hoo flavor and I will certainly savor each one from the pack! 8/10 ?

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