10 Amusing Images Showing The New Stock Photos Fashion Line Created By ‘Adobe’

Most of you reading this will have heard of the software company Adobe. And, most of you who have spent enough time on the internet will have come across numerous stock photos which are often generic, cringy and kind of hilarious. Well, Adobe has branched out into the fashion industry and printed well known stock photos onto items of clothing, and the results are actually pretty awesome! Unfortunately, the items aren’t for sale, but still well worth having a look at. Check them out!
Website: Adobe

Because people at work often get their boxing gloves out!

We’ve never seen someone look so happy to be wearing a headset!

Who doesn’t love drawing graphs?

Let’s face it, no one is that ecstatic to be eating a salad!

A firm handshake is important, to be fair.

We might smile too, if there was something on the sign…

Because seniors just can’t get enough of piggybacks!

They must all be looking at something pretty damn funny.

Maybe he wouldn’t be so frustrated if his picture wasn’t being taken in a moment of stress…

‘Look darling, we’re on a sweater!’