Sour Patch Kids Jelly Beans Are A Sweet And Sour Treat This Easter

Every Easter, Sour Patch Kids Jelly Beans appear on shelves to make the festivity even sweeter. These chewy sour candies are sure to be an exciting addition to your Easter basket. For years, we’ve been stuffing our baskets with chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, chocolate bites, chocolate candies, and everything chocolate. And it’s about time we add something new, right? Now how about something sour and sweet for a change?

If we’re talking about the yummiest sour-to-sweet kind of candy then Sour Patch Kids is always in the discussion. This iconic gummy candy is coated in invert sugar and sour sugar made with tartaric acid and citric acid. Hence, the coating gives a strong sour flavor that could make you pucker.  After the sour part, you get to the chewy candy under the coating that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. So, you’ll get to experience two tastes in just one candy.


Sour Patch Kids Jelly Beans

sour patch kids jelly beans

Sure, we love the original Sour Patch Kids candies. But it’s great to see them having a makeover suited for particular occasion. And if there’s another thing we’re looking forward for Easter aside from the Easter Bunny, it’s these Jelly Beans.

These tiny jelly bean-shaped gummy candies are also coated in sour sugar that will surely put your taste buds into frenzy. But when you get to the chewy candy, everything becomes a sweet, heavenly experience. The Jelly Beans come in 5 flavors – orange, redberry, blue raspberry, lime and lemon. If you’re wondering what a redberry is, we’re going to make an assumption that it’s a blend of strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant. Nonetheless, the red-colored gummy candy tastes delicious and fruity, much like the brand’s classic strawberry-flavored candy.

The colorful chewy candies come in a 13 oz pack which could make a great candy filler for Easter egg gifts and baskets. You can find these Jelly Beans in any Target stores near you. Add a new taste of excitement to your Easter festivity by grabbing a pack or two of these sour-to-sweet goodies. And don’t forget to share the love with the whole family.

Source: Target