Grandpa-To-Be Uses His Pet Cat To Teach His Son How To Bathe A Baby

Being a parent is a lifelong commitment. You don’t just suddenly stop being a parent the moment your child lands their first job or even when they become parents themselves. A part of you will always be looking out for your son or daughter. And since you’ve already gone through what they’re about to experience, you can pass down useful bits of advice to help them navigate life’s many twists and turns. One fine example of this is Vinh Quang Pham’s father who recently demonstrated how to bathe a newborn baby with the help of his patient pet cat!

Vinh Quang Pham is based in Hanoi, Vietnam. And he is currently expecting his firstborn child! Of course, it’s not hard to imagine the excitement everyone in his family is feeling. And it’s clear that his father couldn’t be more excited to take on his role as doting grandpa, because he’s already making sure that his grandchild gets handled properly. Instead of making Vinh attend a “daddy boot camp”, the expectant grandfather decided to take matters into his own hands. To do this, he ‘enlisted’ the help of their young kitty named LacLac.

grandfather-to-be teaches his son how to bathe a newborn baby using their pet cat
Vinh Quang Pham


LacLac the cat appears comfortable and calm throughout the demonstration
Vinh Quang Pham


An expectant father receives an interesting fatherhood lesson from his dad

In the video, the expectant grandfather gently places LacLac inside an oval basin and commences to demonstrate how to properly bathe a baby. Vinh’s father expertly instructs the dad-to-be on how to properly handle his bundle of joy. “Hold the neck then put your hands on the butt cheeks, that will give you a better grip,” the expectant grandfather reportedly says in Vietnamese. From there, the enthusiastic grandfather-to-be begins ‘washing’ the kitty as if it were a real baby. He explains to Vinh that he must support the baby’s head at all times during the process too.

After ‘bathing’, the grandfather-to-be scoops the cat out and places the baby on his lap for the second part of the lesson: cleaning the newborn’s head. He starts off with a slow and gentle massage. And this is where things get extra adorable! LacLac appears to thoroughly enjoy the baby treatment, as it closes its eyes and remains completely calm while leisurely flicking its tail around. The kitty remains unbothered when the grandfather-to-be places him back in the basin.

grandfather-to-be massages the cat's belly during newborn bathing demonstration
Vin Quang Pham


LacLac the cat is placed back inside the basin
Vinh Quang Pham


The family’s young pet cat stole the show

While the effort of the expectant grandfather is commendable, the internet couldn’t help but take notice of their uncanny choice for the ‘dummy baby’. Instead of using a doll, like those used in most infant care classes, he chose their young kitty instead. Cats, as we all know, don’t usually like being carried, let alone in the way that Vinh’s father did in his demonstration. Most of them don’t expose their bellies either. But LacLac seemed very comfortable with it.

In fact, the kitty didn’t even flinch no matter what Vinh’s father did! This is certainly something that all owners wish for. After all, we all want to show our affection for our feline through cuddles, but our furry friends are notorious for not being into cuddles… It also goes without saying that newborns won’t also be as still as this cute kitty, so it definitely amused some. The viral TikTok has accumulated over 39,000 views as of writing. It has been shared all over the internet through various media outlets and networking platforms. Clearly, LacLac has become somewhat of an internet celebrity!

LacLac the cat clearly enjoys its human's gentle touch
VInh Quang Pham


LacLac keeps calm no matter what Vinh’s father does during the whole demonstration

LacLac the cat patiently plays the role of the newborn for the grandfather-to-be's tutorial
Vinh Quang Pham


the cat remains absolutely relaxed throughout the demonstration session
Vinh Quang Pham


Watch the adorable demonstration below


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The internet has fallen in love with the family’s adorable pet cat

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Source: Vinh Quang Pham Facebook | LacLack TikTok