Funny Things That People Did Whilst Drunk

Many people tend to overindulge when it comes to alcohol. Of course, it’s important to always try to be safe and responsible when drinking. However, occasionally, people do enjoy a blow out where they do things that their sober selves aren’t too proud of. Inhibitions and certain judgments tend to go out the window leading to some rather unfortunate occurrences. Here we have a collection of funny things that people did whilst drunk. Take a look and see if you recognize any of your own intoxicated antics!
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Funny Things That People Did Whilst Drunk

That’s a pretty good alternative, to be fair! 

There are much worse things that could have been purchased. At least these can probably be returned or sold easily! 

We bet this person’s stomach did not feel good the next day! 

Ouch! This sounds horrendous! 

We would love to know the taxi driver’s response to this Finding Nemo themed request! 

We thought this wasn’t so bad until we read the final sentence… awkward. 

The parents probably found this pretty amusing! 

Inanimate objects can be a drunk person’s worst enemy. 

We wonder if the advert received any replies…

If texting yourself wasn’t bad enough, this person actually replied to themselves as well. 

Let’s hope it didn’t spoil the moment! 

What a waste of hotel bed! Money down the drain…

The thought process was there, unfortunately the correct action didn’t follow!

Well, TV remotes are way less expensive to replace than phones so this was probably a blessing!