Hilariously Relatable Tweets About Pregnancy That Will Make You Laugh

No two pregnancies will ever be the same. Some people breeze through the experience without even feeling nauseous, whilst others feel like all their energy is drained from within. Despite this, there are a few universal things that many women tend to experience, such as not being able to see past their bumps once they reach the third trimester (28 weeks of pregnancy onward)! As with many stressful things in life, it’s best to try and see the funny side. Here we have a range of amusing tweets relating to pregnancy that you’re sure to enjoy. Take a look!

A fair assessment!

That’s one way to kill the mood! Unless of course you’re trying for a baby, then it’s pretty funny.

An amusing moment to witness.

Crying at random things, one of the ways to know that you’re pregnant.

Cravings during pregnancy can be a roller coaster of wants! 

Somehow we think sales might decline!

We wonder if there are people who actually think like this…

Would you trust a Dollar Tree test?

Some people really need to be reminded that it takes two to make a baby!

It’s crazy, and kind of gross, the things you end up finding between bump and boob!

We love a tweet with an unexpected ending!

Having your bladder squashed constantly is one of the not so fun parts of pregnancy.

An hour of undisturbed sleep is a blessing for some people! 

One day this dream could be reality again!

It truly is amazing how the female body works and what it can go through. Bringing new life into the world really is incredible when you stop to think about it! Unfortunately, the moments building up to the birth of a baby, and the birth itself, can be less than enjoyable. If you are hoping to have a baby soon, we wish you luck and hope that you have the least stressful pregnancy possible! Feel free to let us know your own pregnancy jokes and experiences in the comments below!

We’d like to have seen the 4 year old’s reaction to being told they MUST go through it again!

So many damn emotions! Cry, cry, cry…

It’s a sad moment when you realize this!

Plenty more socks in the sea. 

Only someone who has been pregnant will understand this!

Problem solved.

We can’t believe this is the first time we’ve seen someone ask this!

That escalated quickly…

You’ve been warned!

An easy task, this is not.

This 5 year old already has life sussed out.

An interesting suggestion!

We hope you enjoyed the pie, uncle Bob.

All you can do is hope that the baby comes out quickly, easily and safely!