12 Beautiful Buildings That Work Hand-In-Hand With Mother Nature


When building a new home, it is important to take the surrounding environment into consideration. Often, to make way for progress, trees are felled as they tend to have huge roots which can upset building foundations. However, these 12 photos show that architects and builders can work with Mother Nature to create beautiful living environments which focus on what the world has to offer! Take a look at these incredible places and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments!


'Casa Corallo', in Guatemala, makes wonderful use of natural materials as well as having a tree growing through it!


This awesome space is part of 'Casa Vogue', in Rio de Janeiro.


Whoever built this fence really loved their tree!


This awesome futuristic-looking building is located in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


These stunning Polish apartments are designed to work with the forest.


This L.A. home is awesome!



This building in Turin, Italy, is incredible!


This striking home is in West Virginia.


This 'Tea House', in Shanghai, looks so tranquil and calming!


This beautiful design can be found in Tokyo.


This villa is in Izmir, Turkey.


The architects of this private residence in Austin, Texas, have made room for this beautiful tree growing through the middle of the property!

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