Disney Princesses With More Realistic Waistlines

Disney princesses are not just routinely out-of-this-world gorgeous looking, they also conform to the Barbie doll-like ideals of a perfect waistline, which is totally unrealistic. Photographer, artist and Buzzfeed contributor Loryn Brantz decided to do something about it and in the following images depicts some of the classic Disney princesses with realistic-looking waistlines. Check out the results. “Healthier waistlines for them, and healthier self-esteem for us growing up” notes Loryn in her Buzzfeed post.

Website: buzzfeed


Aurora not about to pass out from being so skinny.


A stronger and healthier-looking Elsa.


Belle with a healthy waistline.


Jasmine looking realistically slender.


Pocahontas still slim, but more realistic.


Ariel looking more normal (well aside from the fact she is a mermaid)!

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