Oreo Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies Are Coming To Stores In 2021 So Brace Get Your Taste Buds Ready

Oreo never fails to get us excited with its new offerings. The cookie brand recently broke the news that it will be releasing two new flavors, one of which is the Oreo Chocolate Hazelnut. Now, this new flavor may sound familiar to you. This is because there was actually a limited-edition variety of this flavor that first came out in 2018. The limited-edition variety, however, featured two golden cookies stuffed with chocolate hazelnut crème.

The upcoming Chocolate Hazelnut cookies also have chocolate hazelnut crème. But this time, the crème filling is in between two classic chocolate cookies. So, you’ll get more chocolatey goodness with this new version. Furthermore, it will come in Oreo’s iconic blue packaging instead of the yellow one. Now, before you get too excited, let us inform you first that this yummy flavor isn’t available yet. It is expected to hit stores in January 2021. So, we don’t have any other choice but to wait until next year.


Oreo Chocolate Hazelnut Flavor Creme Cookies

In addition to the new Chocolate Hazelnut, the brand is also launching its first-ever Java Chip flavor for all coffee lovers. These two mouthwatering flavors only make us want to fast forward to 2021 already. And we forgot to mention, both new flavors will be permanent editions that will roll out to all major markets nationwide. This means we won’t have any trouble finding these treats everywhere and there’s no need to hoard since they’ll be around like forever.


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I’m here on official Oreo news business! As I receive the accurate news and images I share with you guys? Here is a message from @oreo ::: Mark your calendars for some delicious 2021 news from Oreo! We can confirm that OREO will be releasing two new permanent edition flavors hitting shelves in January, wherever OREO is sold. Featuring coffee flavored creme with chocolatey chips, Java Chip flavored OREO cookies are the perfect way to perk up the day. Looking to add a little decadence to your afternoon? Chocolate Hazelnut flavored OREO cookies will feature chocolate hazelnut flavored creme sandwiched between two OREO cookies. Markie:: So what we learned here is these will hit stores in Jan 2021(not a few weeks as publications are telling you LOL) and they will be permanent items. They will hit stores where ever Oreos are sold..YEP!! You will be able to add them to your normal grocery list? You know me, Ill be sampling these when they drop. I’m not really fond of these, but I am interested in Java Chip????? Which one are you looking forward to?? News and images from the offices @oreo corp? BTW:: More news coming soon ? #oreo #oreos #oreo2021 #oreojavachip #oreochcolatehazelnut #officalnews #nabisco #daddyoreo

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Let the countdown to 2021 begin as we all anticipate the arrival of these two new Oreo flavors. In the meantime, you can still satisfy your choco-hazelnut craving with the limited-edition variant.


Limited Edition Variety

oreo chocolate hazelnut limited edition