Naughty Dogs Being Shamed For Their Crimes

We will never stop preaching about how wonderful dogs are. They bring love, joy and happiness to so many people on a daily basis. However, if we’re going to be entirely honest, they can be very mischievous at times too! Hyperactive sessions, broken furniture and chewed up possessions are just a few of the not so great aspects of owning a canine. Here we have some naughty dogs being shamed for their crimes. You want to be mad, but you just can’t! Take a look! 

Ouch! The owners of this dog are going to need much thicker blankets! 

Uh oh. We hope this pooch sincerely apologized to the neighbors! 

A great way to style out a chewed up door frame! 

That grin is so heartwarming! We can’t imagine bunny poop would taste that great but who knows?!

Apparently pooping rainbows isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 

Point proven!

Naughty Dogs Being Shamed i eat everything


The cat looks so guilty! Whereas the dog just looks high on life…

Naughty Dogs Being Shamed i eat socks


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Aww. No one likes a disturbed sleep! Especially a smelly interruption… 

Oh bless that cat! Still happy to sit with his brother, despite the recent events! 

We’d love to know the dog logic behind this… 

To be honest, that door looks like it was asking to be broken! 

No one ever claimed that sibling relationships weren’t unusual at times! 

Poor big dog. But, just look at that innocent face! 

Naughty Dogs Being Shamed run over big dog


This is utterly gross! Hopefully the dog isn’t in any discomfort. Note to all pet owners… keep the Vaseline out of reach! 

Naughty Dogs Being Shamed vaseline