The Japanese Heated Kotatsu Table Has Everything You Need To Eat, Work And Sleep

Winter is coming, and nope, this is not a reference to the Game of Thrones series. We literally mean that the frigid season will be hitting soon. So if you’re ready to keep yourself warm like the Japanese do, you better get this heated kotatsu table now.

But what’s so special about this kotatsu table? In Japan, homes usually don’t have any type if insulation from the cold. This is because summer season in Japan is really hot and humid. So, Japanese people prefer to have cool houses to escape from the scorching heat of summer. But how do they keep themselves warm during winter season? Well, this might get you interested. Japanese people are actually fond of heater units such as heated carpets, heated toilet seats, and of course, the heated table.


japanese heated kotatsu table


How does the heated table keep them warm? This low wooden table frame consists of three separate parts – the base, the heater, and the tabletop. Traditionally, Japanese people were using charcoal heater placed somewhere in the pit’s floor under the table. Today, modern kotatsu tables are using electric heaters attached underneath the base. A thick blanket is placed over the base to contain the heat within. Then place the tabletop over the blanket to have a flat, smooth surface to work or eat on. You can comfortably position your lower body under the blanket to keep yourself toasty.


yamazen heated kotatsu table


yamazen table reversible tabletop


yamazen heated kotatsu table legs philips screw


This electric heated kotatsu table comes complete with a wooden base, a wooden tabletop, and an electric heater along with a 3 meter power cord and an intermediate on-off switch. Take note that it doesn’t include a blanket. But you can use any type of blankets or futons for this kotatsu table. We also recommend using a carpet or a mat underneath the table so you don’t sit directly on the floor. This square kotatsu table measures around 13 inches tall to give your lower body ample space to move around. Plus, the tabletop provides around 30 square inches of workspace. Get the square heated kotatsu table here and prepare to stay comfy and cozy even in the harshest cold weather.


yamazen heated kotatsu table heater switch


yamazen heated kotatsu table with blanket


yamazen heated kotatsu table dimensions


yamazen heated kotatsu table happy buyer


yamazen heated kotatsu table actual


yamazen table kid


yamazen table amazon


You can also opt for a bigger kotatsu table to allow you and your family to stay warm together in chilly nights. Although you may want to sleep under the kotatsu, we do not advise it due to risk of overheating or worse, burning. Let’s fight the cold icy weather Japanese-style with a heated table in the comfort of your home. One satisfied customer wrote:

“Easy to assemble and operate! And the top half of the table is reversible so you can have a choice between black and light grey. The table is a good size because I can cross my legs underneath and not hit my knees on the table legs. I’m so crazy cozy right now. I’m just gonna hibernate under this kotatsu all winter. You will love this table!”


azumaya rectangle heated kotatsu table


azumaya rectangle table with blanket

Watch the actual unboxing of the heated kotatsu table on the video below


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