Limited Edition Snickers Pecan Bars Are The Perfect Chocolate Bars For Fall

 It does nut get any better than this. Attention, Snickers lovers! You’ve got a new reason to love your favorite chocolate bar. Snickers has just announced their new holiday treat: the Snickers Pecan bars. Chocolate and pecans! Is this bar the company’s compact take on the chocolate pecan pie?

This new version features “the caramel and milk chocolate taste you love, but now with delicious Texas pecans”. That’s right, pecans have replaced peanuts in the bar. What a fitting treat for this fall season.


Snicker Pecan Bars


Loyal fans of the classic bar don’t have to worry though. The company didn’t just decide on a whim to use pecans for this holiday confection. In fact, the company’s roots had a lot of influence on the creation of the bars.

“Many of our bars are produced in Texas, which also happens to be where some of the best pecans come from,” they explained. “Introducing our all new – Texas Proud – Snickers Pecan bars. Inspired by our Snickers fans and the passionate associates in Waco, TX.”

You won’t be finding these bars at your local convenience stores, though.


Box of 15 Snickers Pecan Bars


If you’re hoping to try a bar, we’ve got some news for you. The limited edition bars are not for mass distribution. You can’t get them by piece either. The bars are exclusively available at, where you can order a pack of 15 Snicker Pecans bars for only $30. Unfortunately, the bars have sold out within 24 hours of release. That’s just amazing. Those lucky enough to order can expect to receive their limited edition box sometime this October.

Snickers Pecan is special in a lot of reasons. Because even though the company has debuted many other treats in the past, the Snickers Pecan is the only one to forgo peanuts. The company also released the Snickers & Hazelnuts bar, however, compared to the Snickers Pecan, the hazelnuts were just mixed in with the original recipe.

The brand also released Creamy Snickers bars in 2018, which featured Peanut Butter, Almond, and Maple Almond. These bars were also different, because despite retaining the famous Snickers flavor, the crunch factor was missing.

Even if you missed your chance to grab the holiday exclusive Snickers Pecan, you still have a lot of options to choose from. But we certainly hope that Snickers will release more of these bars for us hangry Snickers lovers. What do you think of Snickers’ exclusive new treat? Let us know in the comments below.