Meet “Zappa” The Dog Who Bears A Striking Resemblance To Sid From Ice Age

If you’re a fan of the Ice Age movies, you might just recognize this cutie. But, this isn’t Sid the sloth, this is Zappa the Italian greyhound, and she is living proof that you don’t have to be conventional to be beautiful.

Zappa’s owners, Sadie and Rosalie Millen, say that the 15-year-old dog’s tongue started to flop out of the side of her mouth a few years ago after losing a few teeth (dental issues are a common ailment in Italian greyhounds). Despite her age and her issues, this little dog has now become quite a hit on Instagram and Facebook. Talking about Zappa, Sadie said…

“Zappa’s quirks and unconventional beauty make her even more special to us. We hope to show how rewarding it can be to take care of a senior dog. Zappa brings so much joy to our lives.”

Oh, my! How cute is Zappa?! What a gorgeous old lady.

Source: Instagram