Reuse Your Old Smartphone Batteries The Better Way With Upcyling Power Pack ‘Better Re’


With the average person replacing their smartphone at a rate of 1.3 years, a mass amount of waste and damage to the environment is occurring. Not only this but some people with also have a range of other smart devices such as tablet computers. We all know how annoying it is that it seems we are constantly charging up our gadgets, and many of us have invested in portable chargers. But what people don't seem to realize is that the batteries in the phones they are throwing out generally have around 80% efficiency remaining after 2 years of use, hence where the 'Better Re' power pack could make a really positive change and reduce our waste. The power pack is compatible with any size battery (up to the current size of the largest available one on the market) meaning you can use numerous different ones that you find lurking around your house. Take a look below at its sleek design, and watch the video for some more information.
Website: Kickstarter