These Cute Backpacks Allow Dogs To Take Their Pup On Adventures While On Their Back

Seeing dogs caring for their puppies can surely melt anyone’s heart. More so if we see them carrying their younglings on their back! Yes, you’ve read that right. These super aww-dorable dog backpacks allow your pooches to carry their beloved pups right on their back.

But these bags are not just for holding puppies, they’re also great for carrying water bottles, treats, diapers, and poop bags. Basically, all your dogs’ essentials in their own tiny backpack. If you’re a furdad or a furmom, then you sure know the struggle of bringing a bigger bag or an extra bag just for your doggie needs. While it’s not entirely a big deal, it can be quite tiring at times.




With these backpacks, they can now carry their own stuff. Yay to that! And if you enjoy bringing your furry friends to camping, hiking, or any sort of adventure trip, then it’s about time you get them their own dog backpacks.


You can get these cute backpacks from Thai dog accessories brand EveryDogWear. These bags are made of canvas, so they are perfectly durable and washable. Each backpack comes with adjustable straps—one for each arm and another one that goes around the waist to ensure a secure and snug fit. There’s also a little metal loop on top where you can fasten your dog’s leash if necessary.




Depending on your dog’s size and weight, you may choose between a small-size or a medium-size dog backpack. The small one fits dogs with a ribcage diameter of 15 to 22.5 inches. Meanwhile, the medium one fits dogs with a ribcage diameter of 24 to 42 inches. Based on the given sizes, these backpacks will generally fit small-breed dogs such as Pomeranians, bichon frise, pugs, French bulldogs, and Yorkies.


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These backpacks also come in six different colorways—black, light grey, blue, creme, mustard, and red. You can choose the one that best complements your dog’s fur. Or if you love dressing up your pet, then, by all means, get all six colors to match every outfit your dog has.








The best thing about this brand is that they offer worldwide shipping. Plus, they also accept payments through PayPal. The only downside is that they only process orders placed through their Line app account @everydogwear. You may click here to add their official account in Line.