Cute Drawstring Bags Exist That Look Like Cats Sitting Down Showing Off Their Roundness

Cats are the most beloved domestic pets in the world, although dogs also have something to say to that. But there’s no denying the joy these feline pets give to their owners. Japan, in particular, deems cats as ideal pets due to their adorable nature. Furthermore, many Japanese think that cats require less maintenance than dogs and they are easier to keep as a pet. On top of this, Japanese folklore usually depicts cats as symbols of good luck. This led to a cultural belief that owning a cat would attract good fortune in their favor. Japanese people love cats so much that some companies are even specializing in producing cat-themed products. From miniature cat furniture to cat-shaped footwear, Japan has everything that every cat lover would only dream of. And now, Japanese brand Felissimo is offering cat-shaped bags that actually look like real cats.

cat-shaped bags felissimo

Felissimo recently unveils its line of chubby cat pull string pouches that turn into round-bodied cats when filled with stuff. These cat-shaped bags were based on the traditional Japanese drawstring pouch kinchaku. The sack-style pouch serves as the cat figure’s body. To complete the figure, it has a plushy head (with ears) at the front and a tail at the back.

felissimo cat-shaped bags silver tabby design


felissimo cat-shaped bags silver tabby


felissimo cat-shaped bags silver tabby back

Each pouch is made of 100% polyester which is soft to the touch and has a lightweight yet durable property. They are available in four different designs – hachiware cat, orange tabby, tortoiseshell cat, and silver tabby. When you order, take note that the design will be decided by Felissimo. The company only offers one particular design each month. So, if you want to collect all four designs, we highly advise that you place your order in different months.

These cat-shaped bags feature sack-style design pouch with plushy cat head and tail

felissimo cat-shaped bags hachiware design


felissimo cat-shaped bags hachiware back


felissimo cat-shaped bags tortoiseshell design


felissimo cat-shaped bags tortoiseshell back


felissimo cat-shaped bags orange tabby design


felissimo cat-shaped bags orange tabby back

When you bring along these cat-shaped bags, it’s like you’re carrying a real kitty whenever you go. You can buy these cute cat-shaped bags on Felissimo website for ¥2,478 (around $23) each. Moreover, a portion of each sale will be donated to the Felissimo Cats Foundation for its cats supporting activities.