Change It Up This Year With A 7-Foot Rainbow Christmas Tree

Be unique this Yuletide season and adorn your home with this eye-catching rainbow Christmas tree. This coming holiday season, refrain from cutting down real evergreen trees and get an artificial tree instead. By doing so, you can help conserve the trees and you can also reuse the artificial tree for years to come. Most artificial Christmas trees typically feature realistic replica of evergreen conifer such as fir, pine, or spruce. But if you’re looking for something different, something flashier, this rainbow Christmas tree is here to bring more colors to the festive season.

treetopia rainbow christmas tree amazon

Traditional evergreen Christmas trees are usually adorned with vibrant decors and fairy lights, suitable for a holiday centerpiece. But with this colorful rainbow Christmas tree, there’s no need to put too many hanging decorations. Just add some fairy lights and minimal hanging decors and let the multi-colored tree itself bring your home to life. Of course, don’t forget to crown it with a glowing star tree-topper for the finishing touch.

treetopia rainbow christmas tree


treetopia rainbow christmas tree actual photos


This rainbow Christmas tree is composed of approximately 1,213 branch tips that are made of sturdy yet flexible PVC needles. It flaunts a spectacular wave of striking colors including red, purple, blue, green, yellow, and orange. Plus, the tree comes with a high quality white tree stand. With the stand, the tree measures 7 feet tall and 4 feet wide in its full shape. This rainbow Christmas tree will surely make your home stand out, with or without additional ornaments.

treetopia rainbow christmas tree pvc needles

This multi-colored tree stands 7 feet high and approximately 4 feet wide

treetopia rainbow christmas tree fairy lights

You can get this rainbow-colored Christmas tree here.. Additionally, your purchase also comes with a 5-year foliage warranty. Replace your old Christmas tree with this colorful rainbow Christmas tree and add more colors and fun to your home this holiday season. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“This is the most awesome Christmas tree that I have ever seen and it’s not even decorated yet.”